West LRT Project – Status Report January 2011

This e-mail is being sent to the Community Associations and schools within in the vicinity of West LRT construction. Attached is the December 2010 Status Report for the West LRT Project. Here are some highlights:

-        Installation of the concrete platform arches at the Sunalta Station is underway.

-        The west half of the 45 Street S.W. bridge is expected to open in January.

-        Expect night time full closures of Sarcee Trail in February to install the bridge girders. More details on the closure, such as closure times and detour routes, will be available at westlrt.ca once the schedule is confirmed.

-        Work is approaching completion on the 69 Street S.W. bridge structure on the west side. Once completed, work will progress to construct the permanent 17 Avenue and 69 Street S.W. intersection including the permanent traffic lanes and road alignment.

You will find these points and other information on the construction progress and upcoming traffic impacts in the status report. Feel free to forward the report or information from the report to your stakeholders, neighbours, community members, etc... You can also find the Project Status Report on the What’s New web page at westlrt.ca.

The best way to keep informed on upcoming traffic impacts is by signing up at westlrt.ca to receive Traffic Alerts through your e-mail and visit the Construction and Traffic web page also at westlrt.ca. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Ryan Murray

Communications Advisor

West LRT Office

Suite 1700, 700 6 Avenue S.W.

E-mail: ryan.murray@calgary.ca

Phone: (403) 268-2649

Website: www.westlrt.ca


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