Westgate Community Shinny Hockey League

Hello friends and neighbours,

With this winter weather upon us, I am suddenly thinking about shinny!  All of the details are listed below – if you are interested in registering your child, please print the attached registration form and contact me by phone or email to arrange drop off.

And a gentle reminder, this is a volunteer run program and we are always looking for parents/caregivers to help coach on the ice – please consider helping out in this meaningful way (you will be overwhelmed by the fame and glory!).

Let me know if you have any questions!


Westgate Community Shinny Hockey League

WHO?  Boys and girls from all communities, ages 5-10

COST?   $25.00 (with current community membership)

$20.00 for a new one-year community membership

WHEN?  Every Tuesday evening at 6:30-7:30pm

Every Saturday morning at 10-11am

Early January to late February, depending on weather

WHERE?    Westgate community skating rink

REGISTER?  contact Susan Giesen at sports@westgatecommunity.ca or

(403) 244-3201.

Equipment Required:  Helmet with full-face protection,

hockey stick, shin pads, water bottle

Equipment Strongly Recommended:  Gloves, elbow pads, cup

Two Levels of Play:

Level 1- Little or no hockey experience.  Can skate forward.

Level 2- Played hockey before and/or can skate forwards, learning to skate backwards, turn, and stop. A continuation of Level I with more emphasis on team play.


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