Clean-up by Rink

Calling Westgate residents -

Are be able to assist us in "sprucing" up the community grounds? Students at Westgate School will be weeding and mulching the area in front of the rink and CA parking lot on Friday 11th Sept. Prior to this taking place we would like to trim the trees approx 3 feet up from the ground.

This is where we need your help, do you have a saw? are you able and willing to assist us? Please pass this along to your neighbours, let us know if you can assist. Any left over mulch will be available to Westgate residents for their personal use on Friday evening. Working together Westgate CA and Westgate School to beautify our shared grounds.

A group will be meeting by the rink at 6:30pm on Monday Sep 7th.  Please bring saw, pruners and anything else needed to trim the trees.  Thanks for your help!

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