Call for volunteers and upcoming events

It takes a village.  Our Community Association is entirely run by volunteers, unfortunately our volunteer base often runs low.   We need you!

It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment or take a lot of your time, but we all need to contribute.  When the call is put out for volunteers, please put your hand up (put it up right away).

We love Westgate, let’s all work together to make it even better.

Call for volunteers

Winterfest – Our event is running on Feb 6 5-7pm.  We need a few people to plan/organize and run children crafts/activities.  No volunteers = no children activities

Please email Gillian at to help

Casino – our CA is able to run a casino every 18 months, we receive $65,000-$70,000 per casino which allows our CA to remain afloat financially.  Our next one is March 17 &18.  Soccer/shinny/programs/events/hall maintenance are all subsidized by our casino funds.

Please email Jodi at to help

Soccer – Do your kids enjoy our recreational community soccer league? We are in need of a new coordinator for the 2016 season. There are lots of support people in place and support from past organizers is available. Bulk of the time spent coordinating is in April, setting up teams and recruiting coaches after registration takes place in late March, and then being present at the field Mondays and Wednesdays to ensure everything is running smoothly, which it usually does thanks to all of our fantastic volunteers!  No coordinator = no soccer

Please email Renee at to help

Volunteer spotlight

If you have been to Winterfest, you know the highlight is the amazing fireworks.  What you might not know is that the man behind the scenes is Ken Goosens, a producer at Globalfest.  Ken’s connection to Westgate is through the school which his children attended.  Not only does Ken plan and run the fireworks show but he spends hours (and hours!) with the CA beforehand handling permissions, forms and paperwork to allow the fireworks to happen.  He then also comes back to Westgate the next day to help pick up paper debris from the fireworks.  If you see Ken, make sure to shake his hand and say thank you.


Upcoming events

Winterfest is 2 weeks away!  Winterfest will be held on Feb 6 5-7pm at the Hall.  There will be skating, hot chocolate and fireworks.  You can hide from winter or you can embrace it.  We hope to see you there!

Westgate CA AGM is March 10 at 7pm.  Come see what the CA is all about, you will be surprised how much work is done behind the scenes.  The CA is always looking for new people to bring different perspectives to the board.  Help shape the development of Westgate, be part of the traffic study, organize projects like the Little Free Libraries, help write grants for our hall maintenance, flood the rink.  Consider joining as a director at large to be part of the action.

We will be needing a new events coordinator for 2016, this is a position that can be shared.   Unless this position is filled there will be no Canada Day bike parade, Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween send-off, etc going forward.  Please consider spearheading one of the existing events or creating a new one.  We need your help!


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