Proposed liquor store in Westgate – please read

22 August 2016

Dear Westgate Residents,

This summer, Fitz Flooring and Dolores’ Beans on Bow, located at Bay #10, 4623 Bow Trail SW, permanently closed their doors.  The owner of the strip mall has requested rezoning of Bay #10 to accommodate a proposed “CAP Liquor” liquor store.  There are many factors why this location is not appropriate:

Access and Traffic Flow

The site has poor entry/access points.  As the intersection at 45th St SW and Bow Trail SW is already extremely busy; the addition of vehicular traffic to the liquor store will exacerbate existing safety concerns.  Vehicles will be using residential streets and laneways in Westgate in order to redirect themselves westbound on Bow Trail.


Proximity to Residences and Schools

There are 4 schools within 500m of the proposed liquor store. Students use the mall daily at lunch/breaks and to access transit at the corner of Bow Trail and 45th St SW.

The proposed liquor store directly backs onto residential properties.  With operating hours 7 days/week until 2:00 a.m., residents will hear cars down their laneway.


Community Safety and Security

There have been several robberies at this strip mall in recent months and residents are increasingly concerned about safety.  Adding a business type that is known to have the potential to attract crime and undesirable behavior is counter-productive to the community’s crime prevention initiatives.



Write or Call the Development Authority no later than 26 August 2016 – Ref: DP2016-2998.

Written submissions and enquiries to:

Alan Cecconi


Phone:  403-268-5583


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