Westgate Modular Classroom Update

On Saturday, November 29th a public meeting organized by the Calgary Board of Education and advertised as “Westgate Parent Meeting” was held at the CBE Education Centre. This meeting was supposedly to be about the development permit application for portable structures at Westgate Elementary.  In response to verbal and written requests for representatives of the CBE to come and present their application to the Westgate Community Association, the community association was told that they could attend the information session on the 29th.  At this meeting it was announced that the development permit application for portables at Westgate Elementary would be put “on hold” and the focus of the meeting was on plans for portables at Glenmeadows Elementary School.  Other than stating the Westgate development permit application would be put “on hold” there was no information presented about the application at Westgate, this despite there being explicit inferences that there would be.

Numerous and repeated efforts were made to clarify the CBE’s “on hold” statements to no avail.  Numerous and repeated requests were made to have CBE representatives come and present their application to the community association were made to no avail.

On December 4th representatives from the CBE, the Catholic School Board and the City of Calgary met to discuss DP applications throughout the City.  At this meeting a representative from the CBE expressed that that they wish to proceed with the DP at Westgate Elementary DP2014-5333 to approval and that they may or may not develop modular classrooms at Westgate.  The Westgate Community Association learned of this on December 8th.

This is extremely concerning as it would seem that the CBE is not dealing with the community association in good faith.

If you are concerned about this application and the CBE’s process please take the time to write the following individuals:

Mr. Evan Wooley, Councillor for Ward 8, evan.woolley@calgary.ca

Ms. Christine Cusanelli, MLA for Calgary Currie, christine.cusanelli@assembly.ab.ca

Mr. David Stevenson, Chief Superintendent, CBE, ChiefSuperintendent@cbe.ab.ca

Mr. Calvin Davies, Area IV Director, CBE, AreaIV@cbe.ab.ca

Ms. Darlene Unruh, Director, Planning & Transportation, DLUnruh@cbe.ab.ca

Dr. Judy Hehr, CBE Trustee for Wards 8 & 9, jbhehr@cbe.ab.ca

Ms. Trina Hurdman, CBE Trustee for Wards 6 & 7, tdhurdman@cbe.ab.ca

Mr. Mattias Tita, Director, Land use Planning and Policy City of Calgary, Matthias.Tita@calgary.ca


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